Tribute bands


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"Bonfire (1974-Feb. 19, 1980 AC/DC doppelganger), the most impressive tribute band these eyes and ears have ever bore witness to, will be playing at McMurphy’s Tavern in Pasadena on the day of your rebirthing. My baptism to the Bonfire was last Thursday at the Lighthouse where I sat in absolute awe of this anachronism."


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Aeromyth has become known as the top Aerosmith Tribute band worldwide! Playing nationwide as well as International dates such as Mexico, Canada and El Salvador since 2002. Chris Vandahl does an amazing portrayal of Steven Tyler, including all of his dance moves, costumes, stage show and amazing recreation of Tyler's outrageous vocals!

Chris looks so much like Steven Tyler, that many people make the mistake of thinking he really is! The band that backs Chris is truly amazing as well, very solid and tight recreating Aerosmith note for note!


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J.J. has the amazing look and sound of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. J.J.'s bands have played such well-known venues as Hard Rock Cafe, Cooper'stown, and the Stone San Francisco, as well as casinos and venues throughout the United States and overseas.

With his soaring vocal style, J.J. has hit the stage with acts such Chuck Berry, Bang Tango, Pat Travers, and the Joe Perry Project. J.J. was also lead vocalist with the renowned San Francisco hard rock band, Control.

Allman Brothers

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SouthBound captures the music and spirit of the world's greatest Southern rock band: The Allman Brothers Band, recreating the Allmans' vocal and instrumental mix of rock, R&B, blues, country, and jazz. Signature details blend with classic jams and improvisations, creating a once-in-a-lifetime live concert experience.

Two drummers on every tune, two screaming guitars on "Rambling Man", wistful vocals on "Midnight Rider", slinky slide solos on "One Way Out", the frenetic energy of "Whipping Post"...all more powerful than you've ever heard them.

Beach Boys

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The idea of this incredible show was to authentically recreate the look and sound of a live concert, circa 1963 to 1969, by Brian Wilson, MIke Love, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Al Jardine, who mesmerized a nation as THE BEACH BOYS. That spark ignited the flame that today continues to burn bright throughout every performance of The Beach Toys.

The Beach Toys transport audiences to a simpler time by recreating the sight, sound and mannerisms of this most recognizable band that influenced a generation.

Beach Boys Keepin' The Summer Alive

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Musician and vocalist Chris Farmer was the bass player for The Beach Boys from 1995 to 2007. A life long fan of the group's music, learning the intricacies of performing and singing The Beach Boys songs from the original members was pure joy to him. When founding member Carl Wilson, The Beach Boys beloved guitarist, vocalist, and musical director passed away in 1998, Farmer was asked to step in and assume the most important role in the band, that of musical director, as well as continue his bass guitar and vocal duties.

During his time with "America's Band," Farmer has had the pleasure of singing every part of their famous vocal harmony style, and continues to do so in this show. Chris Farmer is proud to present "Keepin' The Summer Alive - The Premier Beach Boys Tribute."


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Many Beatles tribute shows are one player/leader simply calling whoever is available for any given show to "slap together" a Beatle line up for your show. Often times the players are meeting for the first time just before your show, or not having the same rehearsed members over and over for an given show causing vocal part confusion, a compromise of the correct vocal parts resulting in a complete lack of vocal polish.

This means that you are not getting the quality that you not only deserve but you are probably not even getting what you have seen in the past live from that group or on video

Bee gee's

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Stayin Alive is the worlds #1 tribute to the Bee Gee's. Coming from Ontario Canada, Tony Mattina, (Barry Gibb) discovered his unique ability to emulate Barrys voice. It is rare to find any singer who can attempt the vocal styling and tone of Barry Gibb. Tony captures not only his voice but also his looks and mannerisms that allow you to take a little glimpse back into the past.

Robin Gibb played by Todd Sharman and Maurice Gibb played by Joseph Janisse round out the trio and captures the essence of a band that changed music forever.


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Generation Idol (tribute to Billy Idol) with Craig Knight as Billy Idol from SuperStars on Stage LV & Johnny DeMarco as Steve Stevens from Disney's Mad T Party & Five n Dime bands with Fred Shook on drums an Sammy Burke on bass!

Generation Idol electrifies audiences across the USA with a live performance you must see and hear to believe! Even Billy Idol "likes" Generation Idol from Orange County Ca.


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Blonde Day is a high energy tribute to BLONDIE that is based in Los Angeles, CA. Endorsed by the members of BLONDIE, Blonde Day love entertaining audiences with a show that is not only musically exciting, but visually stimulating, as well.

Venues that have hosted Blonde Day The Spa Resort Casino, Palm Springs, CA; Agua Caliente Resort & Casino, Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino; Pala Casino Resort Spa, Pala, CA; B.B. King’s, Universal City Walk, CA; The Los Angeles County Fair, Pamona, CA; The City of San Gabriel, CA ; Vertigo’s, CA; Ojai Summerfest, Ojai, CA, Howl at The Moon.


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Hollywood Blondie is a fun and exciting tribute to Blondie, the iconic band formed in the mid seventies by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. They became famous for their eclectic mix of musical styles including disco, pop, rap and reggae while retaining their cred through the 80's as a new wave band!!

As huge fans of the original, Hollywood Blondie is fun to watch and hear as they play the absolute best of Blondie songs while channeling the vibe and look of the band! Vocalist Diana Grace captures the audience with her voice and performance which is strikingly like Ms Harry! The band's musicians are exceptional and entertaining making every show an event to remember! They will take you back to Blondie's heyday and keep you singing and dancing along!

blues brothers

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When Eric and Carmen explode on stage as a tribute to "The Blues Brothers", it's like a non-stop freight train!! With the opening number "I Can't Turn You Loose", to the climatic finale of "Shout", this Blues Brothers tribute captivates the audience with a high energy performance.

The blend of Eric as Dan Aykroyd and Carmen as the late John Belushi is a perfect mix in re-creating the "Blues Brothers". However, these "BLUZMEN" go a step further. They showcase some of the original choreography with a few "steps" of their own. As one show critic put it: "These two men have it all down! The look, the sound, every move and the crazy antics!!!"

Bon jovi (dead or alive)

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Hit song after hit song- DEAD OR ALIVE rocks the house with great sounds and an awesome show

Bon jovi (living on a prayer)

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LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER is a band of Brothers. We have come together with such passion and the love of music, that we feel blessed every time we hit the stage. When you travel around the world on planes, trains, and buses, you have to love what you do. We have so much fun on and off the stage that it seems to be infectious. Every audience member at every show can see, and feel our emotion for the music and for the incredible spirit that is BON JOVI.

When you see thousands of fans singing along to every word of every song, standing, clapping, and cheering and it’s an amazing feeling. We feel so inspired to be a part of the energy the audience gives us. Fans, media, and promoters have repeatedly told us that we give more enthusiasm and excitement then any other band they’ve ever seen. It’s quite simple, when the songs are so amazing, powerful and heartfelt it just pours out of each and every band member.

We want to truly thank all of our fans worldwide who come out and support us. The truth is we are the ones that feel so blessed, and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER is coming to a town near you, and we can’t wait to see your faces and ROCK THEM ALL!

bob seger

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Turn the Page actually came about as a side project for our original Southern Rock band, “The Sam Morrison Band”. We'd been playing for many biker type events and needed to add a few Southern/Classic Rock cover songs.

We played a couple of Bob Seger tunes at the time and the response we got was UNBELIEVABLE! People continually commented on how much I sounded like Bob Seger and it was obvious that everyone LOVED his music. No matter where we would perform, we constantly received requests to do more and more Bob Seger.


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If you remember the 70's, there was one band that stood out amongst all others, with its powerful guitar melodies and incredible vocals... That band would be the famous rock group "BOSTON".... "DON'T LOOK BACK" the "boston" experience is an incredible re-creation of the rock band "BOSTON" back in the 70's complete with all the looks, costumes and sound... it's the only show of its kind in the world..

Playing all the famous "BOSTON" hits, the show is an amazing spectacle to watch with the character players that we all remember and love from the original line up... When fans experience a "DON"T LOOK BACK" show, they'll find themselves singing, dancing and rocking out to all the great "BOSTON" anthems..."More Than a Feeling" , "Long Time", "Amanda" , "Rock n Roll Band"
and many more.


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Neon Circus - Brooks & Dunn Tribute is the perfect selection for any casino, club or event. Performing internationally Neon Circus consistently delivers a nonstop 90 minute show, providing engaging entertainment in the tradition of country music's very best high energy concerts.

Neon Circus - Brooks & Dunn Tribute sound and look so close to the real thing concert goers will believe they are actually experiencing a Brooks & Dunn live show. Interaction between the performers and the audience often draw them all to their feet to sing and dance along with the band. Well loved hits such as Red Dirt Road, My Maria, Only in America, Rock My World, You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone and Boot Scootin Boogie, performances they will always remember!


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UPTOWN FUNK is comprised of some of the best musicians and performers in the industry, specializing in a complete Bruno Mars concert production. With an emphasis on delivering a high-level energy performance to every venue, big or small, this is why our clients and audiences have dubbed Uptown Funk as one of the greatest modern tribute bands in the industry. Performing a full range of Bruno's top hits, including some of the most complex and challenging songs recorded or performed for live audiences, our first priority is delivering an exceptionally engaging stage production that encompasses the full essence of Bruno Mars' unique sound, look and style.

Our tribute show introduces a world-class male vocalist who is no stranger to commanding the stage, along with an incredible line up of talented musicians, who together provide the exciting mix of Funk and R&B sounds of Bruno Mars. Their experience and versatility allow this show band to perform at its very best. With a familiar rhythmic beat, Uptown Funk knows how to always keep our audiences on their feet, leaving them with an event to remember for years to come! Join us in the party and see why people are calling Uptown Funk a band who continuously provides a unique experience that will exceed your expectations!

The Cars

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Southern California's finest tribute to The Cars!

Covering all of The Cars radio hits as well as some popular album cuts, Candy-O captures the terminal cool of The Cars' live performance in all aspects. Bringing back the sound and total vibe of the 80's, the band consistently amazes and entertains crowds whenever and wherever they hit the stage. So catch a ride to the era that was all about fun and enjoy the sound and vision of the 80's created by Candy-O!!


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Since 1994, Brad Ford has starred as John Fogerty, pioneering the Ultimate Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute: FORTUNATE SON. This show quickly became known as "THE PREMIER"act celebrating the music of CCR & John Fogerty.

FORTUNATE SON continues to perform across America, Canada, Europe, and Asia. This is the longest running CCR tribute show of its kind. FORTUNATE SON is in high demand across the country at major "Tribute Concert Series", Casinos, State and County Fairs, Festivals, Corporate/Charity Events, Motorcycle Rides & Car Shows.


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Clapton Road covers 50 years of chart topping Rock, Blues, Reggae and Ballad hits that were performed by Eric Clapton over his long career! This highly talented and professional 7 piece band provides a wide variety of musical styles to bring you the ultimate entertainment experience! 

You will be familiar with every single song and find yourself singing and dancing along to the bands exciting show. Hire Clapton Road and your event will be something your guests will talk about for years to come! Welcome, get ready to have the time of your life.


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In 1967, Walter Parazaider, a classical clarinet player and sax sideliner, gathered a few of his college mates, Lee Loughnane (trumpet), James Pankow(trombone) and band-mates Danny Seraphine (drums) and Terry Kath (guitar), together to discuss forming a “different” kind of rock band featuring an integrated horn section as an interwoven part of the music.

In 1968, the new band came out as “The Big Thing”, to be joined later by Robert Lamb, followed by bassist Peter Cetera. Producer Jimmy Guercio realized the "unusual" band's great potential and bankrolled them with his own money, renaming them “Chicago Transit Authority


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Sonic Temple, with a combined experience level of 140 years came together over a mutual love for all things CULT, THE CULT, Hard Rock, Loud Music, and that Eric A. (lead singer) has a Vocal range able to hit the High Notes of Ian Astburys range, it doesnt hurt that Erics also got the looks to front Sonic Temple, one fan thought He was in fact Ian Astbury!

David (Billy Duffy), who doubles as the booking agent and organizer extraordinaire set the thing in motion finding Danny Matty and Elisa, which resembled a call of the wild. The party began in February 2015 and already the band has graced the stages of House of Blues Sunset Strip (2 weeks before the closing), HOB Anaheim, The Canyon Club, Fitzgeralds, El Paso among others. for booking inquiries, call or use the booking form on our contact page.


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David Brighton is credited as being the world's best David Bowie impersonator, with one of the most entertaining tribute acts ever to hit the stage.

"David Brighton has the voice, moves and look to actually step in for David Bowie if he were unavailable and few would ever know. Experiencing David Brighton's Tribute to David Bowie made for a truly remarkable evening…" says Harry Maslin, the Producer of David Bowie's YOUNG AMERICANS and STATION TO STATION Albums.

Def Leppard

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Pyromania™ was created in the fall of 2001 because the time was right to recreate the most popular band of the 80's. It's no surprise there are but only a small handful of Def Leppard tribute bands in the world and only one who can bring the entire experience to life with true authenticity - Pyromania. Simply put, Def Leppard's music is remarkably difficult to recreate live because their studio recordings contain layers of guitars and vocal harmonies.

Pyromania, however has five accomplished band members who are equally adept singers. Blessed with outstanding vocal abilities, you'll be astounded at Pyromania's ability to recreate the signature Def Leppard sound. They'll make you believe you are really watching a
Def Leppard show, from the first note until the last.

the doors

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This highly acclaimed act pays tribute to Jim Morrison and The Doors by recreating the magic and intensity of a Doors concert experience. Based out of Venice, California, lead singer Tony Fernandez lives out every move of Jim Morrison on stage and delivers a powerful recreation of true likeness in presence, vocals, mannerisms and spirit.

Peace Frog is the drama and rock theater that made the Doors famous. Dark and spooky, mystical and hypnotic, the band demonstrates the ability to transform any room into an actual Doors concert experience.

eagles (DESPERADO)

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Desperado has become one of the best and most well known Eagles tributes in the United States. They boast a line-up of five lead singers and multi-instrumentalists; which not only possess and rivals the musical talents of the actual Eagles, but have been used to play with members of the Hall of Fame band itself. 

Desperado was founded in 2002 by lead singing guitarist and keyboardist Aaron Broering. For the past 15 years and counting, Aaron and Desperado have displayed pin-point accuracy and care in delivering a completely live show demonstrating their mastery of the timeless musical and lyrical arrangements of the Eagles. 

eagles (THE LONG RUN)

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THE LONG RUN - Experience The Eagles is a superb tribute show based in Los Angeles dedicated to respectfully performing the timeless music of the Eagles for audiences all over the world.
The Long Run is a hard-working, Los Angeles-based tribute show dedicated to a single objective: "We strive to deliver the finest, live Eagles concert experience next to the Eagles themselves."

Working year-round, performing the classic, Southern California Country Rock Eagles repertoire to audiences across the United States and beyond.

Earth Wind and Fire

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EARTH, WIND & FIRE principal members, Larry Dunn, Sheldon Reynolds and Morris Pleasure have come together to celebrate the distinct sound and timeless hits of EWF. The passion of these three accomplished perennial musicians shines throughout this magical, must see, must hear show.

Members of this trinity, collectively, are honored to have received several grammy nominations and grammys. EOF has entertained and tapped into the emotions of audiences around the world. ELEMENTS OF FIRE appeal to all age groups, perfect for festivals, casinos, concert halls and corporate events.

Elton John / Billy joel

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Tribute Artist David James (Billy Joel), and Jeffrey Allen (Elton) capture both artists in their high energy, interactive Rock N Roll show. Concert events being highly successful with all involved raving about the show's intensity on stage.

Just like the original tour, each artist performs a solo set with their Incredible Rock N Roll band then joining together on stage, Piano to Piano rockin' out respectively to their Greatest hits. ...... also adding funny performance bits, sing-a-long parts, and spontaneous humor.


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Fathers of Soul pays tribute to three Soul Masters of the 1960’s...
Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke!
These three Soul Voices helped unite the races with their music, and during the civil rights movement in a divided America, helped  bring us all closer together. Fathers Of Soul preserves and performs this great music with: Billy Rock and Bad News  ( Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame )

“Settin’ the groove - Giving new life to Soul Hits of Yesteryear!”
With Songs like: Midnight Hour, Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay, Wonderful World, You Send Me, Shake, and one of the most played tunes of all time...Mustang Sally, they take you on a journey back in time to the Era of 6o’s Soul Music! Now kick-off your shoes & socks and come dancin’ in the streets, ...cause they be --- Barefootin’ - All Night Long!!

fleetwood mac

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From the music to the costumes, The Chain portrays Fleetwood Mac with incredible authenticity. This is definitely a show you won’t want to miss. Formed in 2005, this group of talented, diverse performers came together with a passion for the music, and a desire to take the 'Tribute Act' genre to another level.

When you sit back and reminisce about the 70's & 80's music, one of the top bands to grace the charts was Fleetwood Mac. Even today, 30 plus years later, you can still here their music on the radio stations around the world. It was with that thought in mind that The Chain was born.

Frankie valli and the four seasons

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Oh What A Night! is an exciting musical revue written by Motown producer and creative consultant George Soloman, directed by award-winning producer-director Michael Chapman with choreography by Paul Holmquist.

Sherry, Big Girls Don';t Cry, Walk Like A Man, Can't Take My Eyes Off You, My Eyes Adored You, Working My Way Back To You, Let's Hang On and Who Loves You are just some of the many hits you'll enjoy from the dynamic songbook of those boys from Jersey.
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

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Based in the LA region of southern California, Totally Go-Go's is the only all-female tribute to the Go-Go's anywhere! Totally Go-Go's pays homage to the Go-Go's legacy as the first all-girl band to top the Billboard charts. Totally Go-Go's captures the essence of the exuberance and worry free decade of the 80's. Their joyous, musical 60 minute ride includes tracks off the Go-Go's groundbreaking first album, "Beauty and the Beat," follow up album, "Vacation", as well as hits from later album, "Talk Show". The show also includes track from Belinda Carlisle's and Jane Wiedlin's solo careers, spanning genres of punk, new wave and power pop. These five ladies play a fun, 80's era, high-energy show, perfect for Casinos, Summer Concert Series, Festivals, Fairs and Corporate Events!


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GREEN TODAY, A Tribute to Green Day, was founded on three basic ideas: The need to rock, our love for Green Day, and most importantly, so many others love of Green Day too! With this in mind, GREEN TODAY has created a high energy live Green Day Tribute show with the songs, look, harmonies, and hooks that Green Day fans deserve.

On stage, the members of GREEN TODAY genuinely project an appreciation and enthusiasm for Green Day that is contagious and will surely infect all who are in attendance. With a span of over 20 years of hit music from Green Day, generations of fans will appreciate the sounds and experiences that come alive as presented by GREEN TODAY.


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In the world of tribute bands the fans cried out, "Will there ever be a good Heart tribute?" ....Their prayers were answered with Dog n Butterfly!

Heart opened the doors to the kingdom of rock for all female rock music artists to follow and left a legacy of great music in the process. The definitive sound that was Heart exploded onto the 70's music scene driven fast and furiously by the incomparable voice of Ann Wilson. Along with her equally talented guitar-wielding sister Nancy, these lady trail-blazers of rock deserve the ultimate tribute! ...Enter Dog n Butterfly: The Ultimate Heart Tribute!


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The Heart of Rock & Roll brings to life all the hits of the 80's super group Huey Lewis & the News. The concept was born in late 2012 when brothers Tony & Roger Langdon, guitarist & front man respectively, for a variety cover band were performing their usual weekend shows. For years the song The Heart of Rock & Roll was a set list staple mixed in among their band's other classic rock, pop & R&B songs. One particular night, a show guest made the comment that Roger, "Kind of looks & sounds like Huey Lewis."

Tony suggested to Roger to go ahead and try a full blown Huey Lewis impersonation to see if there was something to that fan's comment. After working out a few songs, it became clear that there was something special going on. Roger brings the sound, image & style of Huey Lewis to life with such great detail he's fooled more than a few fans.

From small shows to large festivals, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and we're encouraged to keep bringing the news to everyone.
The Heart of Rock & Roll is still beating…


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INXS-IVE is fronted by Australian native Brett Creswell. Brett gives the audience an authentic live interpretation of one of the best loved front-men of the 80’s, Michael Hutchence. The rest of the band are highly skilled professional musicians that painstakingly recreate the ‘sound’ that made INXS such an enormously successful and popular band.

INXS-IVE perform all of INXS’ 14 top 40 hits as well as some of the band’s familiar and danceable album and soundtrack selections, many of which are still played regularly on the radio today.

iron maiden's

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Formed in 2001, The Iron Maidens have quickly established themselves as one of southern California’s most popular tribute acts and are rapidly gaining international recognition. The band boasts beauty as well as excellent musicianship, lively stage presence, and a remarkable stage show with theatrical scenes interspersed throughout.

First and foremost on the agenda of The Iron Maidens is talent. These women are highly trained professionals with diversified musical backgrounds ranging from orchestral and musical theater to blues and rock..

jimmy buffet

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Mark Wood and the Parrot Head Band perform a mixture of Calypso, Reggae, Rock and Roll, Country, R&B and Samba/Salsa all true to the partying Jimmy Buffett Style. This is the perfect band for your upcoming event.

Just imagine this... Mark Wood and the Parrot Head Band along with Tiki Huts, Hawaiian Shirts, plenty of "Boat Drinks" and you instantly have a truly festive, contagious party atmosphere, that your guests will not soon forget.


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Imagine John Lennon returns for one last concert and YOU ARE THERE!. "Just Imagine" transports you to another place and time, putting you 'one on one' with the musical legend who shook the world. Experience Lennon's timeless musical genius as Tim Piper takes you through John's life from tumultuous childhood to worldwide pop music superstar to groundbreaking social icon that influenced generations. You'll share a unique perspective on John's life, the stories behind the songs, and revealing insights about the birth of the Beatles, the pressures of super-stardom, and John's relationships with his loves and fellow Beatles.

This riveting multi-media production immerses you in an intimate, unforgettable live interactive experience. Suspend your belief and prepare to be transfixed by an incredible evening of music and imagery.


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“JUST LIKE PRIEST” is Southern California’s tribute to JUDAS PRIEST. They have been paying tribute to the Metal Gods for several years performing at prestige venues such as the House of Blues, the Key Club, the Galaxy Theatre, the BriXton, the Hollywood Palladium, Casino Showrooms as well as Swap Meets and benefits such as Toys 4 Tots.

Performing together for more than a decade, the band heard their calling to pay tribute to JUDAS PRIEST and did their first show without an official name. After the performance a fan said, “I don’t know what you’re gonna call yourselves, but man you sound just like ‘PRIEST” and the band was born. They have evolved into one of the most visually and musically authentic tribute bands anywhere with authentic props such as illumined Judas Priest logos, flags, a mini-Harley Davidson and costume changes throughout their show.

Exclusively sponsored and outfitted by “Al Bane for Leather,” the band wears genuine JUDAS PRIEST garments with authentic guitars that everyone associates with JUDAS PRIEST, enhancing the visual stimulation.

Led Zeppelin (LADY ZEP)

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Lady Zep is the premiere all female tribute to the legendary group Led Zeppelin.  Established in 2009 and based out of Los Angeles, Lady Zep has performed shows across California.  In addition to performing for private and corporate events, Lady Zep has performed in over sixty musical venues, and counting, that span from San Diego to San Francisco.  In August of 2016, over 5,000 people attended Lady Zep's Manhattan Beach performance at Polliwog Park.

Melissa Jane, Marija, Clarissa, and Leanne have banded together to play the eternal heavy jams of one of the greatest bands of all time.  This is a line-up of strong professionals.  Lady Zep performances are polished and produced.  Lady Zep features a well planned show that delivers a full velocity set with segues and medleys of Zeppelin's best tunes.  Their performance includes exciting edge-of-your-seat jams with plenty of ear candy.


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It's been 30 years since Lynyrd Skynyrd has entertained audiences. Besides the original members continuing the legacy, "One More From The Road" is the closest thing to Skynyrd you will ever see and hear!

The combination of these multi-talented players will blow you away! With musicians coming from different regions of the country, this band brings fresh flavors and elements of Southern Rock back to the listener. The band operates as a family, which is appropriate since the original Lynyrd Skynyrd band was literally and figuratively a family as well.

Tim McGraw

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The timeless sound of Tim McGraw proves appealing to audiences of all ages, bringing back memories and touching the hearts of all. This talented group of musicians showcase Tim McGraws' mega-hits from the 90's such as Dont Take The Girl, I Like It I Love It, Everywhere and his current radio hits of today!

This tribute was formed to salute Tim McGraw and bring his music to your city so get ready to experience the best Tim McGraw tribute show going today! Also booking VEGAS COUNTRY the Tim McGraw & Shania Twain Tribute SHOW! Be sure to check the availability of this special tribute!


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As seen on AXS TV’s “The World's Greatest Tribute Bands”, Damage Inc, Southern California's Tribute to Metallica, is the foremost Metallica tribute band in the United States.

They have been performing the music of Metallica for over a decade at numerous sold-out venues, as well as donating their time to several benefits concerts. With a never-ending library of timeless classics mixed with today's hits, Damage Inc captivates audiences with the sound and intensity of a live Metallica performance.


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For nearly forty years now, The Monkees have entertained us on television, in movies and on their incredibly successful records. For many Americans, The Monkees were the first real "rock band" that we all witnessed while growing up in the 1960s.

This was largely due to their appearance every week in over 12 million American homes. Their songs continue to be played on classic rock and oldies stations from coast to coast today. In 1967 The Monkees records outsold The Beatles and The Rolling Stones combined !! Amazing !!!


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Based in Los Angeles  California, Motley 2 is the premiere, internationally touring tribute to Motley Crue that captures the entire look , feel  and sound that hard core Crue fans know and love.

We have toured extensively across the nation, and have performed at casinos, bars, clubs, festivals, state fairs, concert in the parks, and corporate events, and are available for everything from family friendly events, or we can heat it up with an adult oriented show that leave crowds wanting more. Are you ready? then, let us "take you to the top"


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You can't have Gwen Stefani (she's busy with her beautiful new baby & solo career). You can't have No Doubt (currently, they don't have a lead singer available). But you can have NO DUH, the ultimate substitute! NO DUH is here to save the day!!!

No Duh mixes the experience & energy of a live No Doubt concert with nostalgic visuals, stylings & props of the No Doubt & Gwen Stefani videos. Close your eyes or keep them open, you will feel like you are hearing & seeing the real thing. Yeah, other tributes say this, but No Duh means it with every fiber of their beings. It's a guaranteed good time for all!


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The Purple Xperience, including Matt "Doctor" Fink, from Prince and The Revolution is Unmistakably the most authentic Prince tribute band in the World …

The fact that Matt "Doctor" Fink from Prince and The Revolution and Marshall Charloff would wind up working together in a tribute to the artist they both respect and admire so much is a testament to destiny.

It began years ago when Marshall, who like Prince, taught himself to play guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums in his early teens, found himself invited to a rehearsal of Prince and The Revolution as they prepared for their renowned Purple Rain tour.


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PYROSTERIA is a recreation of the Def Leppard era with a tour through the hit albums Pyromania and Hysteria. PYROSTERIA has the looks and sounds that made DEF LEPPARD a worldwide success.

The PYROSTERIA show plays the majority of Pyromania and Hysteria albums with a few early gems and a few newer hits.


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 There is little doubt among the pure rock community that the legendary band Queen and lead performer Freddie Mercury earn high ranks as one of the most powerful and iconic groups in rock history. Queen, the kings of arena rock, performed to packed stadiums around the globe for over two decades. Freddie took showmanship by a rock front man to a new untapped level and was undisputedly crowned the lord of arena rock. He mesmerized audiences with his charismatic energy and larger than life stage persona. Upon his death in 1991, a huge void was left in the rock concert world, which to this day has not yet been matched.

Queen Nation, a tribute to Queen, was formed in 2004. Queen Nation consists of: Gregory Finsley on vocals & keyboards as Freddie Mercury, Mike McManus on guitar as Brian May, Pete Burke on drums as Roger Taylor, and Parker Combs on bass as John Deacon. The mission of the show is to carry on the musical torch and pay homage to the golden age of vintage Queen concerts.


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 The Red Not Chili Peppers formed locally in San Diego in 2009 and have since toured throughout the US, Mexico, Brazil and Japan as one of the top RHCP tributes in the world.  Composed of L.A.’s top talent, the Red Nots have stopped at nothing to recreate the hits and high energy performance of the world’s most famous funk rockers. 

Keeping true to the original band, shows are packed with free jams and solo performances; making the Red Not Chili Peppers one of the most organic tribute experiences around.


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Gregory Wolfe's first taste in music came at a very young age, listening to crooners like Nat King Cole and Andy Williams. At the age of nineteen, like most young adults In Lansing Mi., Gregory went to work at General Motors. He worked there for eleven years. In the summer of 1984, Gregory entered himself in a Tribute contest that would forever change his future.

Soon after he was flown to Los Angeles by the producers of what was then the #1 rated television show in syndication, "Putt'n on the Hits". After that, things would never be the same for Gregory, he would soon move to L.A., and not long after, would start making a career out of impersonating Rod Stewart. He has since taken his act world wide, from Singapore to South Carolina, from Bangkok to Berlin,


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"King of the Road In Concert," is the exciting and fun new concert honoring the legendary Roger Miller's stellar musical career including: Dang Me, Do-Wacka-Do, Chug-a-lug, Tall Tall Trees, Engine Engine #9, England Swings, Kansas City Star, Husbands and Wives, Walkin' in the Sunshine, Home, You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd, My Uncle used to Love Me but She Died, You Don't Want My Love, Old Friends, and many, many more including of course King of the Road and selections from Roger's Tony award winning songs from Big River such as Guv'ment, and River in the Rain. Over 90 minutes of music in a live concert and multi-media presentation starring critically acclaimed John Mueller singing Roger's hits with his authentic and award winning band featuring stand up bass, guitar, keys, fiddle and drums.


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Mick Adams' (as Mick Jagger) incredible voice, range and power speak for themselves. Mick Adams has been featured on AXS TV's, The World's Greatest Tribute Bands, TWICE and truly is the world's greatest Mick Jagger impersonator! As former lead vocalist for Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, Mick has toured with the likes of Tommy James, The Turtles, The Monkees, The Association, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Buckinghams, Herman's Hermits, Ron Dante & the Rascals.

Mick has also performed with Spencer Davis, Rick Springfield, Johnny Rivers, Neil Sedaka and rock and roll hall-of-famer Sam Moore. He has recorded with Mark Kendall of Great White as well as Ronnie James Dio's guitarist, Tracy G, and has also done voice over work for MAD TV. In addition, Mick's band, Mick Adams and the Stones have recorded for AXS TV's, The Worlds Greatest Tribute Bands, as the worlds greatest Rolling Stones Tribute Band. Rising above all others in the most demanding role the tribute world has to offer, Mick must be seen to be believed.

Rick james

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GIVE IT TO ME BABY is a tribute that combines Rick's funky music and Dave Chapelle's humor. Like Charlie Murphy, Dyck James's true life story about his dealings with Rick makes him the ideal person to do this tribute. Audiences are captivated by his stage show and resemblence to Rick. The edgy humor is what takes this show over the top of other tributes and has superfreaks screaming for more.

Be sure to catch "Dyck At Night" ASAP. Visit the shows page for coming shows. The first time I saw Charlie Murphys True Hollywood Stories was when Rick showed it to me after a show we did in Detroit.


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Caress of Steel was formed by guitarist Brian Montrey in 1993 as a true 3 piece rendition.

As an avid fan of the music of the band Rush, careful detail was put into
the formation of the band, with like minded players who could not only perform
the musical aspect of Rush but also emulate stage actions and exact gear as well. With the experience of more than 24 years together performing as a trio
Caress of Steel displays the passion and musical ability necessary to recreate some of the most
technically challenging rock music ever recorded.

Each player performs his role with the precision that every Rush fan, whether hard core or casual
alike, has come to expect. Each song is painstakingly reviewed and rehearsed to ensure that every nuance of Rush's signature sound is articulated correctly.

Brian Montrey has an animated natural stage presence and awe inspiring guitar ability
that define him as the consummate professional. With era exact instruments and guitar gear
and an always entertaining persona, it's easy to see and feel his passion onstage.

Sean Jones delivers the world's closest rendition of Geddy Lee that you will ever hear.
World class bass skills, dizzying vocal replication and fluent keyboard skills mystify.
This man embraces and performs his role with ease and seamless ability.

Michael Johnson, performs some of the most difficult drum parts ever recorded by a
rock drummer ever and delivers his focused and intense depiction effortlessly.
His massive drum kit and arsenal of percussion, cowbells, chimes, glockenspiel all
add to the visual element as well.


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Three Lock Box featuring Sin City Sammy is THE PREMIER TRIBUTE to Sammy Hagar in Las Vegas! This HIGH RPM SALUTE to the Red Rocker does justice to over 40 YEARS of memories from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee (2007)! Travel back to '72 with Sammy’s debut in Montrose. Iconic hits like “Rock Candy” and “Bad Motor Scooter” are set staples!

From Gold and Platinum selling solo albums, Three Lock Box celebrates the classic rock hits “There’s Only One Way To Rock” “I Can’t Drive 55” “Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy” “I’ll Fall In Love Again” “Mas Tequila” and many more! Leading Van Halen for 11 years,  with four MULTI PLATINUM studio albums, all reaching #1 on the US charts Three Lock Box covers hits like “Right Now” “Love Walks In” “Why Can’t This Be Love” “Best Of Both Worlds” and many more! 

BOOK!! REQUEST!! DEMAND!!  Sin City Sammy & Three Lock Box for your next event! Bring RED and LET'S HAVE A PARTY!!


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North America's #1 SANTANA Tribute Bandand theonly Santana Tribute that faithfully recreates the total look and sound of Carlos Santana.


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LOVEDRIVE is the top-rated tribute to the Scorpions, comprised of veteran musicians from Southern California, bringing energy to the tribute scene and Scorpions fans of all ages. You'll be amazed by the sound of LOVEDRIVE playing the great classics and rare tracks from one of the biggest rock bands in the world, the Scorpions.

Let LOVEDRIVE "Rock You Like a Hurricane!


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Total Distortion was formed to pay homeage to Social Distortion, one of America's first 1970s punk rock bands. Based in San Diego, Total Distortion was the creation of Don Vercelli, a singer with a voice that is eerily similar to that of Social D frontman Mike Ness.

Backed by his fellow band members Chris Cunningham, Shawn Casillas and Greg Grmolyes, Vercelli has led Total Distortion onstage to pay homage to Social D in venues throughout California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas.


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The Springsteen Experience" formed in early 2004 after auditions brought together the current line up of musicians who are also dedicated fans of "The Boss" themselves. The aim of the band is to perform the music of Springsteen with passion and commitment, and just as important, with the same sense of fun Bruce himself puts into his shows.

Although not pretending to be Springsteen and the E-Streeter's (there can be only one!), the band take elements from all areas of a Springsteen show, namely sound, lights, presentation and spirit, to get as close to the real thing as possible, ensuring that the audience get a great nights entertainment. Covering all areas of the great man's music, the Springsteen Experience will continually aim to improve and add to the music they perform, so as to ensure as wide a spectrum of songs as possible for the fans enjoyment. Hope to see you soon at a venue near you...


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Los Angeles based “Pretzel Logic – A Steely Dan Revue” has been playing the festival scene, as well as the club circuit in Southern California since 2001. The group’s dedicated members play with a passion the music of Steely Dan, whose legendary hits include: “Reelin’ in the Years”, “Josie”, and “Peg”. The music of Steely Dan crosses many musical boundaries.

From their jazzy horn lines and smooth vocals, to rock guitar licks and funky grooves, their appeal is wide ranging. With an array of classic songs that ease you into your seat, and upbeat tunes that get you dancing, Steely Dan’s repertoire has an impact on everyone.


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Bella Donna, named after the artist's double-platinum album, portrays the singer and her music (solo and with Fleetwood Mac), in a stunningly accurate depiction. From the attention to detail given to the music and vocal impersonations, to the authentic wardrobe and staging, Bella Donna will amaze with their ability to take their audience into a high-energy Stevie Nicks performance.

When Bella Donna is on the Stage, Stevie Nicks is IN the House! More than just a tribute, Bella Donna is a live, 8-piece, full-blown rock concert available for festivals, fairs, concert clubs, benefits, casinos, and special events.


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GYPSY - A tribute to Stevie Nicks, is a dynamic rock concert experience. A complete show with costumes, storytelling and world class musicians that captures the sights and sounds of a Stevie Nicks concert.

Presenting all of her solo hits along with songs she performs with Fleetwood Mac, GYPSY comes as close to the real thing as you can get.


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Stoned Temple Pilots is a top shelf Stone Temple Pilots tribite band oiginating
out of Hollywood, Los Angeles. The band works hard to capture the elusive chutzah of one of the Worlds top rockand pop bands of the nineties Stone Temple Pilots, Fronted by musical chameleon Scott Wieland.

With a solid line up of seasoned and talented players, we are ready and willing to play out anywhere in the USA and behond to bring our hard edged, but varied set to your venue, event or party. All four members are bona fide STP fans who not only get a kick out of playing the meterial, but also get a genuine satisfaction from playing together as a band of brothers.

On time every time with no attitudes, no egos, no excessive booze or drugs, and pro attitudes right across the board.
With our heartfelt desire for audience to enjoy our shows as much as we do, let Stoned Temple Pilots rock your event, and make it a night to remember.


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The SURF CITY ALLSTARS are the only band in the world to have played and sang lead vocals in both the Beach Boys band and the Jan&Dean band. Why hire a lesser tribute band when you can pay about the same price for the best singers from the Beach Boys?

Clients can also add TWO Original Beach Boys to the Allstars' line up with AL JARDINE and DAVID MARKS. The Allstars' GARY GRIFFIN (keys / vocals) started recording and touring with the Beach Boys in the 70's. PHILIP BARDOWELL (guitar / vocals) was hand picked by Beach Boy Carl Wilson for the Beach Boys band in the 90's. DAVID LOGEMAN (drums) was hired by Beach Boy Mike Love in 1994. CHRIS FARMER (bass / vocals) toured for 12 years as the musical director for the Beach Boys. AARON BROERING (guitar / keys / vocals) is the newest super vocalist to join the Allstars.


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THE WHO EXPERIENCE is a powerful realistic tribute to THE WHO with an incredible resemblance to THE WHO both musically and visually. All of the members are tribute band veterans THE WHO EXPERIENCE'S professional and energetic performance is a must see for classic rock fans young and old and will leave fans screaming for more!


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In the summer of 2013, singer Erich Schneider and lead guitarist Cary Park had just finished playing “American Girl” by request, when Cary  turned to Erich and said “you could be Tom Petty!”  The rest of the band, Jon, Alex, and Chris, were on board from the start.

They grabbed their instruments, got in the studio and before long were the  hottest Tom Petty tribute in Southern California. And the band name?  Well, as the song goes, take it easy baby, Make it Last All night!


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First of all, you don't do a TOP tribute with a four piece band! Second, you don't do it with "average" musicians.Maybe that is why the ONLY other Tower tribute band we could find is in Europe. So we are proud to announce the immediate availability of the Central California-based, ten-piece show, "BUMP CITY.

"Blessed by former Tower horn player, Mic Gillette, who writes horn parts for the band and sometimes plays with them, BUMP CITY brings it to the stage in a big, powerful brassy way, as only a true horn band can. Together for years, working as a R&B, soul & funk cover band under the name REUNION, band leaders Billy Sims and Matt Martinez decided to give the tribute band concept a whirl.


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Based in Los Angeles, Hollywood U2 is the World's Leading U2 Tribute Band. No other U2 Tribute Band makes Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. so proud. This U2 Tribute Band are not simply U2 impersonators who have an uncanny resemblance, but consummate musicians who bring the true heart of U2 to every performance.

Hollywood U2 shows bring the respect that U2, their music, and their fans deserve through the precision, excitement, and exact emulation of a U2 concert. This show is, aside from hiring U2 themselves, the World's Leading U2 Tribute Band.


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Based in Los Angeles, Hollywood U2 is the World's Leading U2 Tribute Band. No other U2 Tribute Band makes Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. so proud. This U2 Tribute Band are not simply U2 impersonators who have an uncanny resemblance, but consummate musicians who bring the true heart of U2 to every performance.

Hollywood U2 shows bring the respect that U2, their music, and their fans deserve through the precision, excitement, and exact emulation of a U2 concert. This show is, aside from hiring U2 themselves, the World's Leading U2 Tribute Band.


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After literally exploding onto the music scene during the late ‘70’s, the Mighty Van Halen emerged as the hottest rock and roll band on the Sunset Strip. With the ever flamboyant Diamond David Lee Roth and guitarist extraordinaire Edward Van Halen spearheading their attack, Van Halen became the quintessential “party” band.

By 1984 Van Halen had become the biggest and most popular rock and roll band in the world with their renowned stage performances and their incredible catalog of some the best and most familiar rock tunes ever performed live.

VAN HALEN - (Atomic punks)

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The Atomic Punks are a tribute to early Van Halen, the David Lee Roth era. Formed in 1994, the Atomic Punks have performed well over 300 shows in places like Hollywood, CA, San Diego, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, Honolulu, HI, Andover, MN, St. Louis, MO, Pittsburgh, PA, most recently Salt Lake City, UT, and most importantly, Pasadena, CA, where Van Halen started their meteoric rise to stardom.

Voted "Best Tribute Band" by LA's "Rock City News" three years in a row, the Atomic Punks have created a national following that continues to grow by leaps and bounds all the time. In his 1997 auto-biography "Crazy from the Heat," former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth referred to the Atomic Punks as "The best tribute to Van Halen ever!"


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Throughout the course of their musical union, the members of Whitsnaked have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances.

This talented Rock Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, and performance rates.

willie nelson

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Red Headed Stranger, based out of San Diego CA, lovingly pays homage to a national treasure, a true American hero, the living legend known as Willie Nelson. Red Shepherd (who uncannily looks and sounds unbelievably like Willie) and his band recreate the magical experience of a live Willie Nelson concert performance that will leave you absolutely spellbound.

It is Red Headed Stranger's privilege and pleasure to present to you the songs & stories of one of America's greatest singer/songwriters ever. So come join Red Headed Stranger, the world's best Willie Nelson tribute band hands down, in this incredible live celebration of Willie and his music.


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Relive the greatest rock concert of all times. The band Woodstock brings 7 legends from that magical time to perform together on stage, sharing each others classic hits.

Enjoy the interaction of Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, David Crosby, Grace Slick, Paul Butterfied, Ian Anderson, & Keith Moon. This group also pays tribute to Jimi Hendrix, CCR, The Mamas & The Papas, & more, to round out their memorable show. Wear your tye-dye, beads & bells, & be prepared for a psychedelic ending you will never forget.


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Jay has the amazing look and sound of Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Jay's bands have played such well-known venues as Hard Rock Cafe, Cooper'stown, and the Stone San Francisco, as well as casinos and venues throughout the United States and overseas.

With his soaring guitar style, Jay has hit the stage with acts such Chuck Berry, Bang Tango, Pat Travers, and the Joe Perry Project.

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