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Jonathan and Kelly played together in a band called Radio Rage, based in California. Currently they are both playing in other bands in Las Vegas and slowly building their fan base with this incredible duo.

Kelly has an album out and Jonathan has three music videos soon to be released. They may play cover music, but both are talented creative artists who compose music and write tantalizing lyrics. Stay tuned for more information. We will be adding video clips and photos compliments of Lira Maywood.

Bert & Keith

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BERT AND KEITH use a $25,000.00 state of the art custom rig, designed and built by these two talented performers just for this show. Their equipment features two Mac Book Pro laptops integrated into custom pedal boards at each performers feet.

This allows all elements of the show to be subtly controlled by foot switches, making the music seamless and eliminating the distraction of the technological elements of the show needed to create such a big and versatile sound. This along with wireless mics and guitars has enabled these two strong performers to deliver a very exciting and powerful presentation.

Bihlman Brothers

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"The Bihlman Brothers are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy and cliche' Vegas music scene. These guys are real songwriters! Real craftsmen. Exactly what you want to hear on an acoustic night at the House of Blues.

The material was all original and stripped of any production tricks, left to stand alone on it's own merit... and stand it did! The songs are catchy with a hint of that east coast Americana made famous by artists like Bon Jovi and Bruce Spingsteen, with a delivery that was honest and solid...the kind that only a lifetime and a brotherhood can yield. Check out the Bihlman Brothers. You won't be disappointed."

Jeff Johnson

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I've just finished the basic tracks to another song for the new cd. It's difficult to know when to say when, but this new studio has so many cool toys. So here's the question: Do you prefer a stripped down song where the basic instruments and the lyrics carry the music? Or do you like the lush production songs with multiple tracks and orchestration?

This cd is shaping up to be a little of both. By the way, my last trip to Tucson was incredible. It's such a great town with friendly people. I can't wait to go back next month. The college is such a great environment with so many diverse young people. Anyway, have a great weekend and hope to see all of you soon. Jeff

Michael SG

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Scott Carter

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INSTRUMENTS: Guitar (Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic), Drums, Vocals (Lead/Background) PERFORMANCE STYLES: Rock, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Jazz. PERFORMED WITH FOLLOWING NATIONAL ARTISTS: Kirk Whalum, Shalamar (feat. Howard Hewitt), David Sanborn, Patrice Rushen, Michael Sembello, Tom Scott, Larry Williams, Herman Matthews, Marco Mendoza, Joey Heredia, John Ferraro, James East, OPENED SHOWS AS BAND LEADER WITH "SCOTT CARTER & NEW BREED": Hootie & The Blowfish, UB-40, Stanley Clarke, Eek A Mouse, Bedouin Sound Clash, John Brown's Body, Jesse Colin Young, Robert Walters (of Greyboy Allstars feat. Karl Denson), Common Sense, The B-Side Players.

Sebastian Sidi

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Sebastian's music is a blend of Classical Music with Rock. His unique renditions of some of the most famous compositions of our time are never to be forgotten. Such as, Phantom of the Opera, Canon in D, 5th Symphony, Moonlight Sonata Rock, Fur Elise, Time to Say Goodbye, Chariots of Fire, My Heart Will Go On and he even throw in a little Boogie Woogie! just to take a few.

Sebastian brings to you his very own 5' Baby Grand Piano (PROP) that not only elevates so he can perform standing up but also launches smoke from the inside out creating a SMOK'N PIANO EFFECT. Sebastian also includes a very unique light show as well as a finger cam that allows you to see his fingers flying through the keys on a 6' x 6' screen. Sebastian's Solo performance is perfect for any event and appeals to people of all ages.

The Working Poets

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It's not about the money or ego. It's all about the music!!! That's what makes this 3 piece trio so much fun! Live sets, no computers, no gimmicks...real instruments, real players, real music, real singing with great vocals and strong 3 part harmonies!

'We are all about great vocals and singing"! Say's Rob McLeod, lead vocalist and guitar player for the band...We play great American classic rock, blues and country. America, Eagles, Neil Young, The Beatles, Elvis, CCR, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, ZZ Top, even Johnny Cash, Eddie Rabbitt, and Jimmy Buffett just to name a few! We are professional, easy going, hard workers, who have been known to play 3 and 4 hours non stop.


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Originating in beautiful San Clemente, California, WILFAX was the product of that sleepy surf town just north of San Diego County. Willy Beecher and Jeff Fackrell, roommates at the time, used to play guitars and watch the waves from their front porch almost everyday. There was more than just the joy of playing, there was chemistry. So with Willy being an experienced song writer, and Jeff a rhythmatist, they had enough to get something off the ground.

The first iteration of the group came to be a full band including bass and drums. Besides quickly finding regular gigs all over Orange County, this quartet also produced the album FATGIRL, named as a play on guitarist Jeff Fackrell's last name. These four made a good run having regular work for a number of years.

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