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DJ Amanda rose

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Born Amanda Rose Rios aka "DJ Amanda Rose," is California's fastest up and coming female deejay. In just the span of her one year deejaying career, the twenty-three year-old already has 200+ shows under her belt and has established herself as a favorite of the entertainment industry's elite in Southern California.

With a brilliant ear and encyclopedic musical knowledge, the California native draws on a spectacular breadth of musical influences. DJ Amanda Rose's high-energy sets include a medley of hip-hop, electro, house, top 40, trance, freestyle, bmore, old school, new wave, rock, underground hiphop, disco, pop, funk, indie, latin, reggae, jazz and R&B.

DJ Amara

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Appropriately described as “sexy, sultry, and soulful” DJ AMARA brings to the tables an unmatched style, mixing various genres and giving listeners a unique flavor of hybrid beats and rhythms. Starting off with her signature fusion of downtempo, sexy, jazzy, house, AMARA creates an easy lounging mood to intro listeners.

Grab a cocktail and get ready- From there comes the subtle twist – an effortless transition to some of the hottest and rarest multi-genre hits from soul/funk retro jams, hip-hop, indie, electro to thumping house. Her distinct sound emanates a vibe that leaves no dance floor empty.

Mister Mathews

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When you listen to Mister Mathews DJ you realize he has more soul then a shoe store. Christopher Mathews, AKA DJ Hurcules, nurtures and connects with his crowds, builds the energy to a frenzy and then brings them closer into a stylish soulful gathering of togetherness and love. Since 2001 he has long held an enviable position as top dog on the dance floor.

He is eclectically brilliant and ethnically relevant with his mix of Soul, Funk, Hip-hop, Rock, Top-40, House, and Bossa-Nova. Mister Mathews is DJ/Musician/Producer from Los Angeles California that got his start at the legendary Hip-Hop station KDAY where he questioned artist like Beyonce, Master-P, Ludacris, Mya and Janet Jackson.

dj oz

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Oz got his start behind the scenes at rock radio stations KLOS and KCAL. After successfully navigating the party-DJ scene, Oz landed residencies at some of the biggest clubs in the Inland Empire. Whether he is coordinating the entertainment at his home club or he IS the entertainment, Oz knows how to keep the masses and the bosses happy, playing requests for everyone from Dale Earnhardt Jr. to Damon Wayans.

Oz can run the place solo with his ability to control all aspects of the audio system, produce videos and visual effects, and to program and run the newest lighting systems. With his background in radio, Oz has skills on the mic. that can get any crowd going. He also prides himself on being able to play on any system you’ve got, from CDs to turntables to the latest in digital mixing.

dj shy

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In the Los Angeles/Hollywood club scene, 27-year-old DJ Shy is garnering popularity for her turntable skills as a deejay, a female deejay. In just five years, DJ Shy has built herself a name in a male-dominated field, mixing for the likes of Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Heidi Klum and Bravo’s “Project Runway,” and the 2005 50 Cent and Eminem “Anger Management Tour,” among a smattering of other bookings.

Between gigs, she also serves as an on-air mixer for Los Angeles’ 102.7 KISS-FM (home to Ryan Seacrest). To friends, family and perhaps even herself, DJ Shy, however, is still small-town Karen Beck — with her catchy alias only a clue to the personality within.

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