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80's FLASHBACK As we enter the new Millennium , another decade from the past is fast becoming the hottest new trend. The 80’s, the decade of pretty boys, skinny ties and bad haircuts. A new concept in cable television programming MTV quickly became the most highly viewed cable show and created a link to the new world of music videos and guest VJ’s. Thus creating the dawn of the Video Star.

NEW WAVE CRAZE Artists and groups like The Clash, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Devo, B-52’s, Adam Ant, Human League, Culture Club and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, were creating the newest craze in music and fashion. This group, of four new wave misfits stuck in the New Romantic Era, time warp you back to the 1980’s.

area 80z

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Timewarp back to the EARLY 80's. The times of The Geeks and The Nerds , the REAL Uses of Nuclear Power and an Undying LOVE for Toxic Waste!!..., Time travel is IN THE Movies and on the News, Bad Haircuts are at an All Time High as is the Economy!...Everything In Excess and Excess in Everything!..

AREA 80's Will fill your night with all the high energy 80's favorites you used to dance and sing along to!..Groups like The Violent Femmes , Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Billy Idol , New Order , Devo , The B52's and More!...So put in your Purple and Red Hair Dye and get ready for a GREAT NIGHT OF 80's FUN!!


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Fronted by television celebrity and singer Gretchen Bonaduce, this high energy band plays some of the best Top 40 hits of the 80's with a punk influenced spin, executed with mind-blowing accuracy. If you want a night full of dancing and body shaking this is the band to book.

flock of 80s

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From the dark recesses of karaoke-bar crooning, Flock of 80’s rose to conjure the spirits of rock stars past. The retro cover band evokes legends like Prince, U2 and David Bowie for night upon nostalgic night of music and dancing. It’s late hours and hard work, but also a sweet gig.

"We have the only job that comes with a bar tab," says Flock of 80’s Drummer Scott St. Hellins.
"We don’t have to get up early. Don’t have boss Lumbergh yelling about the cover letter on the TPS reports in your windowless cubicle."

hair guitar

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The Authentic Tribute to your favorite 80's rock bands. Why "Authentic?" For one thing, we still have the clothes, the axes, and yes, the real big hair that we had in the glorious '80s. And back in the day, Hair Guitar leader Stu Simone (aka Stude "Snake" Slybone) was headlining the same legendary Sunset Strip clubs as the big boys [ see the "HAIR ROOTS" photo gallery ].

Stu played in LA's top hair bands with members of Ratt, Bullet Boys, LA Guns, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Love/Hate, UFO, Journey, Hurricane and Rising Force, among others. In the early 90's, when original melodic rock became "unsignable", Stu entered the tribute fray, co-founding the West Coast's top Journey tribute band. As musical director of ESCAPE and sub for other top tribute bands such as Smokin' and Infinity, Stu Simone is a fixture on the rock tribute scene. In fact, he was interviewed in "Tribute", the definitive documentary on tribute bands.

jeri curl

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JERI CURL plays tribute to the funkier side of the early 80's. Artists like Prince, Cameo, Michael Jackson, The Time, and The Gap Band, just to name a few. At a time when New Wave groups and artists were flooding the airwaves and MTV, these artists were also sharing with us there style and flair of this era.

JERI CURL reproduces these artists and many more with stunning realism. The band is made up from the members of THE FUNKY HIPPEEZ, a show that has thrilled many audiences in and out of the states for over 8 years. The group is able to offer the same quality that you have come to expect from a FUNKY HIPPEEZ production. Amazing musicianship, slick choreography, elaborate customes, and a stage show that is filled with audience participation, ensures you a nostalgic evening that you won't forget.


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Pop Gun Rerun is a group of seasoned musicians with eighty years of combined live gigging experience. Through the years, our members have toured regionally, played with or opened for acts such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Missing Persons, One Republic, Great White, Stryper, Bullet for My Valentine, Dramarama, The GoGo’s, Natalie Imbruglia, and many other local and regional acts. Collectively we have played every major venue in the Southwest and many of the most significant locales around the country and internationally. With all of that being said...we are serious about entertainment...but we don’t take ourselves too seriously ;>)


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Ah, the '80s... good times! What were you doing when you heard the hits: "Tainted Love", "Rebel Yell", "Jessie's Girl" and "I Love Rock & Roll"? Well, RADICAL '80s, a five piece professional tribute band to the 80's will take you back there with the songs, the sounds, and the styles that made the '80s an awesome time!

All members' enthusiasm and love of the '80s show when they perform. Radical '80s gives exactly what the crowd came to party to...The Hits of The '80s! Radical 80's perform the songs that keep the dance floor packed and the crowd favorites that everyone loves to rock to. Radical '80s will "Blast you back to the past" & make your '80s party an awesome night to remember!

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